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NIOKAT is a jazz project founded in early 2022 by Berlin trumpeter and flugelhorn player Lisa Buchholz.

The sextet consists of musicians from the Berlin jazz scene and presents their own exciting contemporary jazz.

The ensemble was formed during the band members' joint studies at the renowned Jazz Institute Berlin.

The two horn players Lisa Buchholz and Niko Zeidler also got to know each other as members of the German Federal Jazz Orchestra (2018/19).

In a traditional line-up with trumpet and saxophone, extended by the sound of the guitar, the band dedicates itself primarily to modern musical influences, but also combines them with traditional elements of jazz.

With its compositions and soloists, NIOKAT tells stories about the highs and lows of life. Both moving, emotional moments and small, inconspicuous everyday situations find expression in the music of the ensemble and in the interplay of the six musicians.

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Pictures by Jona Freigang

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